Ep. 27: Vale Pod Dog (Apocalypse Pt. 1)

June 4, 2018

Your three best friends are just like you remember them. Yep, nothing different here. Just three normal human friends doing cool human stuff. Like talking about Aussie Netflix zombie flick Cargo and chatting about APOCALYPTIC films like 1978's Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. There’s a pod pun in all this somewhere.

Not to mention swing priests, Spock shakas, impromptu Cher, the perfect flash mob, and the reason why you should always dial before you dig.

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Theme music by the pustulant Kirby Medway.


Ep. 26: Losing The VVill To Live (The Witch/Sharknado)

May 18, 2018

For one last round before S3, we swam backwards in the sea of time to 2015, when Robert Eggers dropped The VVitch to the confusion of grammatists everywhere. Not content to stay in the realm of high art, we sunk to the depths of 2013, where even greater film magicians were conjuring up the unthinkable (and clearly well-crafted) Sharknado. Oh, and we dragged Netflix and Grill's Michael Drysdale and Applespiel's Nikki Kennedy down with us.

We guarantee it's the only place on the net whence is finally elucidated the thin thread connecting 1630s New England to N.W.A.

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Theme song by the airborne Kirby Medway.


Ep. 25: The Eliza Sykes Hate Mail Family Hour

May 4, 2018

More good interval content while we warm up for Season 3! While Joe and Eliza swan off to holidays overseas, Dave slums it with some of Eliza's previously vetoed review picks - James Gunn vehicle The Belko Experiment and Edgerton mood piece It Comes At Night. Featuring special guest Nikki Kennedy of Applespiel/Boho Interactive!

Are sub-par films just movie mulch? Is there any merit to the mantra "Outwit, Outlast, Outslut?" And what of Rosemary's other children? Find out inside!

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Theme song by the late Kirby Medway.


Ep. 24: Cinema Etiquette (Annihilation/A Quiet Place)

April 18, 2018

SURPRISE! Season 2 may be over but we're fresh back from break, and just before we all disappear overseas we're sneaking in our takes on the latest spookers at your local cineplex. This week, we follow on from Dave's guest appearance over at Netflix And Grill to talk Alex Garland's Annihilation, and enjoy our loudest snacks during a screening of John Krasinki's A Quiet Place.

Plus! A new name for fans of Steven Soderbergh! Very, very good imitations! And guest appearances from two good podcasting dachshunds and every f#$%ing plane in the greater Sydney area!

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Ep. 23: Christmarch (Holiday Special!)

March 29, 2018

Look, it's almost Easter but your calendar year is NOT OUR CONCERN, dear listener. Indulge yourself in a little first quarter Yuletide spirit! For our special Season 2 wrap-up (and the season's 13th episode ooooh spooooooky), we've draped ourselves in tinsel and finery to bring you our hot spiced takes on two classic family favourites - 1974 pioneering slasher Black Christmas and Australia's own brand spanking new Red Christmas!

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Theme music by the exulted Kirby Medway
This week's ep also features Demons by Sleigh Bells and Disposable Teens by Marilyn Manson.


Ep. 22: Raising Your Worm Baby (High Brow Horror Pt. 3)

March 21, 2018

Not only do we delve deep into the forest with Netflix original The Ritual AND get squiiiishy (but intellectual af) with Eraserhead, we also hand out free (good) kissing techniques! Before we wrap our HIGH BROW HORROR thread, we also divulge the inside scoop on the Podcasting AwardsTM, top banter, ice hockey, Duke Of Edinburgh, and a damn near full podcast mutiny. Get busy raisin' your worm baby, or get busy dyin'.

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Theme music by the aberrant Kirby Medway.


Ep. 21: F#%k Space (High Brow Horror Pt. 2)

March 14, 2018

Welcome back to Munted At First Sight with your (slightly hungover) hosts who are ready to deliver only the highest browed observations on the lowest browed genre. Fresh on the review slab is The Cloverfield Paradox (would have been fresher were it not for the sick week, thanks for your patience folks), before we get cerebral in our HIGH BROW HORROR thread and play some Funny Games.

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Theme by the gooey Kirby Medway; this  ep also features 'Bonehead' by Naked City, check 'em out.


Ep. 20: Storytelling Spakfilla (High Brow Horror Pt. 1)

February 28, 2018

When they go low, we go high-brow in our HIGH BROW HORROR thread - hope you like meta, cos we're going deep! We review Netflix original sequel Creep 2 and get both extreme and EXTREMELY French with Pascal Laugier's super-intense Martyrs. Plus we're joined by special guest Kirby Medway - you may remember him from such theme songs as ours!

(This week's episode contains reference to sexual assault - listener discretion is advised.)

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Ep. 19: Frida Krogér (Slasher Films Pt. 3)

February 21, 2018

Boy howdy do we have some juicy boys for you, dear listener! We slap on the rubber gloves and dig our mitts into The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (out now on Netflix) and wrap up the SLASHER FILMS thread in style with your mate and mine, Fred E. Krueger – that's right, sports fans, it's Wes Craven's beloved children's classic, A Nightmare On Elm Street.

In between, we talk casual digs in the basement, heretofore unknown organs, the wink of the foot, your sad friend Robert Smith, and the greatest era of music there has been or ever will be.

(This week's episode contains themes of sexual and domestic abuse.)

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Theme song by the juicy Kirby Medway.



Ep. 18: Strip Trivial Pursuit (Slasher Films Pt. 2)

February 14, 2018

Prepare yourself for some technical nudity, dear listener. Things get waaaaaaay too real in the Nothing 2 Fear studio as we take on Netflix original Gerald's Game, and grab ourselves another slice off the SLASHER FILMS cake with Sean S. Cunningham's classic Friday The 13th. Along the way, we discuss impractical snake handling (in more ways than one), the best in erotic board games, and the franchise crossover hits you never knew you didn't want.


(This week's episode contains themes of animal abuse and sexual abuse.)

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